Two figures and a white house #2, 2016
Two figures and a white house #2, 2016
Canvas, Mixed media

62,99 x 47,24 in

160,0 x 120,0 cm

Price: 5 000 €

One of the key themes developed by the artist is defining human identity, often distinctly female, through its placement inside a man-made environment. Architectural spaces, constructed and designed by humans, simultaneously appear as surroundings shaping one’s condition and imbued with one's presence.

Katya Tzareva: "I am looking to create a remarkably clean landscape and implant it with a form of a different materiality. Sometimes I replace this form with a female figure that brings a new emotional context to the space – what is regarded as melancholy, anxiety, tranquility, shame, awkwardness. Hence my body can speak separately from my self, my mind and emotions. What I feel in the moment of such conversation is irrelevant – it is only possible to follow a configuration of my body. What I can be is only a body”.

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