Transformers love, 2016
Transformers love, 2016
Canvas, Oil

47,24 x 62,99 in

120,0 x 160,0 cm

Price: 3 900 €

What became of the ancient gods?  Possibly one of their manifestations today can be found in contemporary toys, the ones that represent figures with supernatural powers, or distorted features, as Anastasia’s artist-statement has suggested?  Toys are the new incarnation of the heathen idols from the pantheons of various nations.  We can look at them in many ways: as tools of magic rituals, as described in modern fiction; as totems of contemporary ‘tribes,’ whose behaviour and acts should be copied; or as votive objects (now bought in supermarkets – but, anciently, bought in the artisan’s workshop) given to children, yet retaining emblematic and mediational properties that have significance for the households in which they are placed?  Some toys look like, mutants, demons, chimeras and mythic beings, fusions of various known creatures; whilst others represent superheroes, endowed with violent, destructive powers.  It is as if all the gods and demons of the past had left Olympus and descended into Bosch’s Hell.  Thus we are here given an opportunity to study some enlarged fragments of these grotesques.  In the huge canvasses of this Artist we encounter baroque putti and Greek goddesses set against antique torsos in the act of consuming Watteau’s blushing young ladies. 

Anastasia Tarasova, art-critic

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