Tower II, 2013
Tower II, 2013
Acrylic, Masonite, Pencil

46,85 x 38,19 in

119,0 x 97,0 cm

I travelled a lot across Asia and Siberia. What I have seen in Kyrgyzstan really amazed me. I was in a fantastical landscape, built up with mausoleums, each of which was unrepeatable. They were built in different epochs. Some towers resembled Stalin’s skyscrapers, others were similar to domes of mosques, others combined signs of archaism and futurism. A skeleton of a yurt made of iron rods and another yurt with the same shape molded from concrete. I was wandering around them and thinking about the unknown authors of these monuments. Brodsky wrote very accurately about Asia:

“…when you shudder at how infinitesimally small you are,
remember: space that appears to need nothing does
crave, as a matter of fact, an outside gaze,
a criterion of emptiness – of its depth and scope.
And it’s only you who can do the job”

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