Totem, 2018
Totem, 2018
Series: Her dignity
Canvas, Oil, Acrylic

31,50 x 31,50 in

80,0 x 80,0 cm

Price: $ 7 000

My Project introduces beautiful, confident and independent women. Ideally, that's how we wish to see our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, neighbours. In the USA, slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, and yet the human brain firmly keeps a century-old image -  women,  and black women in particular, will endure harassment and tolerate bullying, their main attributes remain dependency and vulnerability.
Totem: The blinding colors of the painting stab the eyes like a misplaced firework. The inadequacy of this riot of colors emphasizes the attentive look of this woman. As if  she wants  to tell us something , but Canary-pink layers clog her words. Did this  woman shielded herself  from all ,did she wall up her secrets by the distracting wall of color. Or was it  society that made her this way, because it wants to see the falsity  instead of person's pain. By all accounts , it doesn't  matter to us. The only important thing is how long this woman will be able to hide her feelings without destroying herself completely.

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