The pillow book, 2012
The pillow book, 2012
Series: 18+. Bed scenes
Canvas, Oil

55,12 x 70,87 in

140,0 x 180,0 cm

Price: 3 030 €

Natasha Yudina depicted a bed and bedding in the form of landscapes. Judging by the responses from spectators, women saw nature in these pictures, while men noted an erotic subtext. “In her project, Yudina, on the one hand, mocks the recent introduction of age limits on the use of various forms of product, right down to children’s toys, while on the other hand she simply relishes the painting, creating semi-abstract pictures whilst, at the same time, maintaining that the bed “is always in view and, like Aivazovsky’s sea, is changeable...” (с) Artguid

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