Sweet power, 2016
Sweet power, 2016
Series: Sweet power!
Canvas, Oil

27,56 x 39,37 in

70,0 x 100,0 cm

Price: 9 000 €

“Sweet Power”. The original power of images borrowed from mass visual culture (advertising, internet, etc.) competes with the power of reflective art, whose main weapon – analysis, irony and paradox. Seemingly simple-minded, full of light humor and soft absurdity, this compositions are actually not so simple and straightforward. Various objects, books, dumbbells, beer mugs, sports equipment, toy monsters, combined with sugary creams and ice cream, turn into objectified metaphors of force that suggest reflections on the nature of power as such and its varieties – the power of knowledge, sport, wealth and strength of the powerful. But there are also reflections on the notorious power of art and the nature of artistic taste. Will art choke in a cloying totality or is it able to counter some kind of invisible saving irony to cream images?

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