Summer drawings. 4 parts, 75 x 105 cm (each), 2005
Summer drawings. 4 parts, 75 x 105 cm (each), 2005
Series: Paper chapels
Paper, Oil pastel

59,06 x 86,61 in

150,0 x 220,0 cm

Project PAPER CHAPELS develops and condenses that special atmosphere effect inherent in artwork on paper: texts, graphic series. The artist says that these slight and unobtrusive aesthetics were inspired by the architectural style of Gridchinhall, with its constructivist inclination to simple achromatic materials, large windows and clean interiors.

Yet, contrary to the actual construction and function of a chapel (a small church building lacking an altar and permanent attendants, with occasional invited priests), Nikita Alekseev’s chapels do not imply any, even random lithurgic activities. These are museum type chapels that one could see in larger catholic cathedrals, that now function as museums. All ordinations here have already been thought out, all gifts delivered, all services have been already recited, and present day attendants only change flowers and replace explication pages taken by tourists.

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