Still life with a tile, 2010
Still life with a tile, 2010
Series: Still life
Canvas, Watercolor, Pencil, collage

31,50 x 31,50 in

80,0 x 80,0 cm

Price: 3 500 €

…It’s tea with jam, yes, Mom makes it in a copper pan with a long handle, yes, it’s strawberry season now, the smell spreads around the whole old log house with the roof painted saturnine red, and the squeaky window frames are of course white. When you look through these windows, especially if you squint your eyes, you can fancy that everything outside is a stained glass artwork, yes, it’s an easy trick when peonies are blooming, or in the fall, when leaves burst with colors, or in summer, the time of orange marigolds (Grandma called then black eyebrows) and your favorite blue hydrangeas. And the path would be leading to the gazebo, Katia’s invention, maybe woven like a cobweb from all those age-old window frames with panes, a fragile tent where we sit in the shadow on hot days, or on rainy days, or on sort-of-already cold days because a makeshift stove there can be started for some heat, even it’s snowing outside. Katia’s dacha is home to precious old smells and half-forgotten sounds of childhood that live a spectral life of their own. A washstand clanks and purls, an ancient sewing machine busses softly, though it has no one to use it – everybody is at the table…

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