Small dutch, 2007
Small dutch, 2007
Series: Holy Communion
Canvas, Oil

78,74 x 118,11 in

200,0 x 300,0 cm

Price: $ 35 000

Painting from the “Holy Communion” series simulates a Roman mosaic, and the surface of these paintings resembles the ground, cracked under the too hot sun. The traditions of the trans-avant-garde here clash with the Ukrainian baroque: one quote is taken and luxuriously unwound for a whole cycle of huge works. A classic Dutch still life is taken, redrawn in cyclopean magnification and in the aforementioned “mosaic” technique. Then some fragments are brought to the foreground, while others dampen. This is similar to a computer installation, the screen for which should be the walls of some grand hall, like the Vrubel hall in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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Tags: #Still-life
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