Notre Dame Cathedral, 2014
Notre Dame Cathedral, 2014
Canvas, Oil

51,18 x 66,93 in

130,0 x 170,0 cm

Price: 7 000 €

… The visions, unearthly in their nature, crystallize the very fabric of Irina Drozd  painting, subordinating to it the emotions of both the artist and the spectator. Entering another dimension, the artist strives to remain in it as long as possible, hanging on and, through it, recognizing herself and her ability to create and to imagine and conceive. Knowledge and skills are then seen by the artist through the prism of multiplying spaces and infinitely multidimensional time, and they are concentrated as new, unfamiliar, wonderful reflections of existence. The pictures are turned into a certain symbol for the classical crystallization, going back to Werther, into a mysterious mechanism that nurtures magical crystals of unknown meanings. 

Dmitri Ozerkov,

Head of the Modern Art Department of the State Hermitage Museum

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