Landscape with nobody #2, 2016
Landscape with nobody #2, 2016
Canvas, Mixed media

47,24 x 47,24 in

120,0 x 120,0 cm

Price: 3 800 €

Katya Tzareva is the artist who also works in the field of architecture and landscape design. Her interdisciplinary practices converge in the spaces inside her paintings. Their geometrics are composed of planes of lawns and 'white cube' constructions, inhabited by animate and inanimate characters. Female silhouettes 'frozen' in awkward positions open up in the artifice of the roles they perform against the backdrop of clean and sterile landscapes. They appear in an inner dialogue with the series’ leitmotif – a white house. Each work becomes a film still, a peculiar staged photograph with a mysterious story read in the outlines of female bodies, in the corners and apertures of buildings.

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