Gray Universe. Triptych, 2015
Gray Universe. Triptych, 2015
Canvas, Oil

78,74 x 165,35 in

200,0 x 420,0 cm

Price: 11 400 €

… Gods and Heroes of classical mythology have been mutating ever since human childhood, and are now embodied in the virtual-reality of computer games.  These have become the new fetishes of mass culture and have assumed their new  "flesh" in the plastic of commercial toys.  Also religious sentiment has been relocated to the new temple of virtual-reality and to the supermarket shelves as commercial display.

I present these images to the empty universes (the preliminary stages for my actors, organized not with the contrivance of ‘horizon,’ but as a real universe, without atmosphere) created from the viscous chaos, using the mental collage technique.  All these universes have a potential passage away from themselves, a kind of special place on the canvas.  If that specific place is missing, the resultant chaos evaporates into the merely decorative – a sort of ‘cosmic baroque braiding.’ When it is possible to find a way out of this inert universe, there seems to be the promise of a breakthrough to another space and another sky, which may be the delusional trap of escapism.

Anastasia Russa

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