Google, 2016
Google, 2016
Canvas, Oil

78,74 x 110,24 in

200,0 x 280,0 cm

Price: 8 200 €

… The most intriguing feature of these new toys is that they are unreal and dangerous. They originate directly in imagination, and appeal to imagination. Does this new game liberate our imagination or, to the contrary, can it enslave it?  Many of the modern toys do not appeal to the adult world, they do not imitate reality in miniature, they do not train anyone for any responsible role.  Instead, they scrupulously prepare children to accept that in their adult life all their time will be occupied, fixated, possessed by, and dedicated to, consumption.  In this sense, there is no boundary between the world of children and adult world.  All leisure time is vulnerable to the obsessions that grip a fetishistic collector and, ultimately, to a new form of imprisonment – of primitive isolation – the self-selecting isolation of the computer game addict.

Pop culture, largely, represents another form of escapism, a retreat in an artificial reality; so games are not the only means of escape, social networking and cinema serve the same purpose.  The Artist is not motivated by the incentive to criticize consumerism and pop culture as such, but rather by her own affectionate devotion to the overthrown gods of the past, and by painting as the classical language of art.

Anastasia Tarasova, art-critic

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