Girl from our tribe, 2018
Girl from our tribe, 2018
Series: Her dignity
Canvas, Oil

47,24 x 35,43 in

120,0 x 90,0 cm

Price: $ 9 000

My Project introduces beautiful, confident and independent women. Ideally, that's how we wish to see our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, neighbours. In the USA, slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, and yet the human brain firmly keeps a century-old image – women,  and black women in particular, will endure harassment and tolerate bullying, their main attributes remain dependency and vulnerability.
Girl from our tribe: The perspective chosen by the artist for this model is intended to impress the viewer. When the center of the lines lies inside the viewer itself , that's when the reverse perspective of the icons thrills. Here ,on the contrary, the direct  perspective and  hyperbolic figures  create  a dizzying state, as if you look  at the millennial sequoias. The inner shyness towards the figure rising above you is generated by the gold typical of iconography. It becomes hard to believe that its not a mysterious and powerful deity  right in front of you. It's the most ordinary human. A human, that can become as powerful as the  most powerful ancient spirit.

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