Drop off your diet!, 2017
Drop off your diet!, 2017
Series: Tasty
Canvas, Oil

39,37 x 39,37 in

100,0 x 100,0 cm

Price: $ 3 000

There’s no other genuine love than the love for food. Drop off your diet. Another painting by Syuzanna Kamara from the “Tasty” series. The words of the great Federico Fellini describe this painting perfectly: “I was always aroused by the gorgeous scenery of a woman eating with an appetite. I was aroused sexually. I believe it’s natural: a woman who loves to eat loves sex. A woman who loves sex is someone who is very attractive and tempting for a man. Maybe, that’s the reason why I’m so interested in curvy women. A woman on a diet is rational about food and has to be moderate and restrained about everything. A woman enjoying the food will not pretend.”

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