Aphrodite, 1993
Aphrodite, 1993
Series: Blue Lagoon
Canvas, Oil

74,61 x 54,92 in

189,5 x 139,5 cm

Price: 30 000 €

Large canvasses of Neo-Academistic cycle “Blue Lagoon” are done in photographic style, and capture people on a summer outing on a nude beach in Simeiz. The naked figures in “Blue Lagoon” were given the names of ancient gods and heroes, and the paintings themselves are permeated with a bright light in a way that portrays that turbulent era as a time of lustrous bliss. .

In “Blue Lagoon” we see a view of the world as the paradise of the Garden of Eden, or Arcadia, where we find ourselves in harmony with nature, free of the spectre of danger, as in the mother’s womb.

Andrey Khlobystin, fine arts expert

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