The Top “A”, 2007
The Top “A”, 2007
Series: Color dreams
Canvas, Oil

19,69 x 21,65 in

50,0 x 55,0 cm

Price: 650 €

People say it is impossible to get "through the Looking Glass" and there is no such a thing as parallel reality. However, there is a world of dreams and it exists according to it's own principles and laws with no connection to the scientific studies.  They say dreams are black and white, but lot's of people dreams in color.  And there are some who cruise between the real world and the universes of new images, creating their own dreams and sharing them with the others.
       The project of Alexander Oligerov is divided into two parts: the first part is dedicated to the world of color dreams that embraces it's guests with the carnival whirlwind of the unknown reality, and the second part reveals the secrets of the afterdark world, where dreams get born, – the world of blurry illusions, nocturnal birds and romantic mystery. The energy potential difference between these opposite poles is able to cause the high-voltage blast of our emotions and feelings. 

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