Vladimir Grig

Born in Krasnodar in 1962.
Lives & works in St-Petersburg, Russia.
1982-1987 Krasnodar College of Arts.
1987-1990 work as book illustrator in different edition houses.
1990 member of the Union of Artists of Russia. 

His works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Art Museum im.Kovalenko Krasnodar. Soil Science Museum them. Dokuchaev St. Petersburg. Petersburg Culture and Arts Foundation "Pro Arte" Kaliningrad city Art Gallery. The collection of the Central exhibition hall, Krasnodar. 

Ekaterina Inozemtseva, a fine art expert:

“In Vladimir Grig’s new art series the iconography takes on a new signifiicancy; its genesis is of absolute totality; it goes beyond the canvas. From between the folded tissue of the ornamental iconography stems a fabled and symbolic narrative, where mythic, religious and pseudoscientific elements are mingled.” Grig erects a coherent system; its elements cross-refer to a certain universal culture, to an ancestral culture, if you will, to the synthetic consciousness before civilization. His painting is essentially two-dimensional, it by no means pretends to be convincing; rather, it gravitates towards medieval miniature, book illustration and sophisticated ornamental decoration of letters, evoking a stream of associations in the viewers. Such artistic device is deliberate, as Grig has devoted an important part of his professional career to book illustrating. At the same time, his art is of a narrative nature and the storylines are surprisingly diversified. It obviously reaches close towards large artworks, such as panel painting or wall painting (murals, murales). It cannot be limited or sized; its development tends to eternity. Moreover, compared with other media, it has a unique “transit ability”. The animated films, that are also shown at the exhibition, is a perfect confirmation of this.”