Olga Ornata

Olga Ornata

In her artistic practice Olga Ornata often create collages using glossy magazines. Magazines – the fresh information coming from the world is the artist's working material, which is selected, filtered, sorted and re-launched into "artistic circulation". The magazine can't be replaced, for example, with colored paper, what's important is the flow of thought, the meeting with aggressive informational noise and its processing.


Olga Ornata have been graduated from college as artist-fashion designer, university where she studied for a psychologist-consultant, and graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA Moscow, the educational program “New Artistic Strategies”


Since 2007, participates in exhibitions in Moscow and European galleries, practicing in the fields of art therapy. The author of educational programs on the development of creative skills and creativity.


She has been the founder and leader of developing art group and teacher at the Photography faculty of British Higher School of Design in Moscow.

Lives and works in Moscow