Oleg Maslov


Artist, university professor and founder of the New Academy of Fine Arts.

Born 1965, in Lgov.

1980-84 – studied in the Savitsky Penza Art School. Takes part in exhibitions since 1985.

Member of artistic unions: “The New Wild”, “The New Artists”, “Mayakovsky Friends Club”.

His works are found in The Russian Museum, The State Tretyakov gallery, Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the museum at Gasunie company (Netherlands), in the Russian and foreign private collections. Lives and works:in St Petersburg


Selected collective exhibitions


2016 – “Echinaceas and zinnias” , Gridchinhall, Moscow Region 

2015 – “Absolute Beauty”, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

2014 – “Strictness and Beauty”, UVG ​​Art Gallery, Ekaterinburg

2011 – “The New Academy. St. Petersburg”, Ekaterina Foundation, Moscow

2005 – “Partners”, the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, the First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2005 – “Fashion and style in photography”, Moscow International Photo Festival

2004 – “Russian Neoacademism”, Museum of Art in Bornholm, Denmark

2004 – “Caution!”, Art of Moscow and St. Petersburg, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway

2003 – “Actual art of St. Petersburg”, Forum Stadpark Verlaf, Austria, Graz

2003 – Et in Arcadia Ego, Museanum, Germany, Dresden

2003 – Astematio capitus, Museum of NAFA, Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg

2003 – 10 years of friendship in art, Museum of Nonconfomism, St. Petersburg

2002 – “Snow Maiden – New Art from Russia”, Zacheta Gallery, Poland, Warsaw

2002 – “The Creators of the Beauty”, Palazzo Forti, Italy, Verona

2001 – “Beauty and eroticism”, Holland, Groningen

2001 – “Between Land and Paradise”, a new direction of classics in art today, Museum of Modern Art, Belgium, Ostend

2000 – “Russian Neoacademism”, Museum of Art in Bornholm, Denmark

2000 – “The heirs of Sparta”, the new Russian classicism, New Academy, Snellman Hall, Finland, Helsinki

2000 – “Dynamic Couples”, timed to the tenth anniversary of the Gelman Gallery, Moscow

1999-2000 – Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Riga


Personal exhibitions


2014 – “The North Caucasus. Paradise in camouflage tones”, NameGallery, St. Petersburg

2013 – Noname Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2007 – “Cheerful friends”, Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg

2008 – “Once again about love”, Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg

2003 – Et in Arcadia Ego, Museanum, Germany, Dresden

2003 – Astematio capitus, Museum of NAFA, Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg

2003 – 10 years of friendship in art, Museum of Nonconformism, St. Petersburg

2000 – “Blue Lagoon and Pliusceva Tulips”, Noname Gallery, Rotterdam

1998 – Et in Arcadia Ego, Amfilada Gallery, Szczecin, Poland

1997 – “Secrets of the Sacred Grove”, Art Kiosk Gallery, Brussels

1999 – “Union of Earth and Water”, Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1995 – “Secrets of the Sacred Grove”, New Academy, St. Petersburg

1995 – “Oleg and Victor”, photography, Erotische Museum, Berlin

1994 – Nonexistant Porcelain, New Academy, St. Petersburg

1994 – “Metamorphoses”, Gallery 21, St. Petersburg

1994 – “Satyricon”, New Academy, St. Petersburg

1994 – First photo exhibition, New Academy, St. Petersburg


Exhibitions of the 90s and 80s


1999 – “Neoacademism and Electronics”, Nizhny Novgorod, Gorodets, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl

1999 – Victor Kuznetsov, New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

1998 – “250,000 miles”, Villeroy and Bosh, Manezh, Moscow

1998 – Neoacademic photo from the collection of the New Academy, Fine Arts and private collections, Manezh, Moscow

1998 – “The second month of photography”, Manege, Moscow

1997 – “The First International Month of Photography”

1997 – “Cabinet”, Oleg and Victor's studio, Stedlik Museum, Holland, Amsterdam

1999 – “Interaction”, SCCA Annual Exhibition, St. Petersburg

1996 – Metaphern des Entrucktseins, Badisher Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany

Idyll m Catastrophe, E. K. Tahrome Gallery, Germany, Herfert

1995 – 2/3, Das Russische Feld Gallery, Germany, Berlin

1995 – “Festival of Pushkinskaya 10”, Austria, Vienna, Salzburg

1995 – “Discharge”, International video forum, Bauhaus

1995 – “Spring Wind”, Gallery 103, St. Petersburg

1995 – 13 International video festival, Holland

1994-95 – “Selfidentification”, Kiel. Berlin. Oslo, Sopot, Copenhagen

1994 – “Revival and Resistance”, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg

1994 – “The Blue Lagoon”, Manege, St. Petersburg

1993 – Natasha, Gallery 103, St. Petersburg

1994 – “The Air Kiss”, Art contact, Germany, Berlin

1994 – “Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg”, Nevsky Palace, St. Petersburg

1993 – “Modern Portrait”, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg

1993 – “Method”, Pori Art Museum, Finland

1993 – “Method”, Union of Journalists, St. Petersburg

1991 – “The City”. Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, St. Petersburg

1991 – Planetarium, St. Petersburg

1991 – “Nevsky Prospect. Underground”, France, Nantes

1990 – “Canvas – material for men”, exhibition hall on Kashirka, Moscow

1990 – “The First Biennale of Contemporary Art”, Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, Leningrad

1990 – “Skillful handles”, Lighthouse club. Leningrad

1990 – “New artists from Leningrad”, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico, Mexico City

1989 – “Woman in Art”, Foundry 57, Leningrad

1989 – “All Leningrad”, Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, Leningrad

1989 – “From unofficial art to perestroika”, Harbor, Leningrad

1989 – “New Russians”, House of Culture and Technology, Poland, Warsaw

1989-99 – “I and II North American exhibition of the “Mayakovsky Friends Club”, Paul Judelson Arts, USA, New York

1988 – “New artists from Leningrad”, Kulturhuset, Sweden, Stockholm

1988 – “80 talents of the Russian Avantgarde”, Art Atrium, Sweden, Stockholm

1988 – “New artists”, Raab Galerie, Germany, Berlin

1988 – “40 years of unofficial art of Leningrad”, Harbor, Leningrad

1988 – “7 independent artists from Leningrad”, Young Unknowns Gallery, Great Britain, London

1988 – “New artists”, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Denmark

1988 – “Art Contact”, Rigas Modes, Riga

1987 – “New artists”, an exhibition at the premiere of the film “Assa”, Palace of Youth, Leningrad

1987 – Without a halo. New Expression in Russian Painting, Gdanski Kantor Sztuki, Poland, Gdansk

1987 – “Mitki”, the Leningrad State University. AAZhdanova, Leningrad

1987 – DK MELZ, Moscow

1987 – “New artists”, ACCA gallery, Leningrad

1987 – “17th exhibition of young artists”, Exhibition Hall at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow

Personal exhibitions of the New Fauve group.