Nikita Alekseyev

Nikita Alexeev is the name traditionally associated with Moscow conceptual school of 1970-1980. But his creative development is much wider and also includes APTART (a legendary art gallery that had been situated in Alexeev's apartment in the early ‘80s), and «new wave», a movement that rehabilitated figurative painting.


Nikita Alexeev has been one of the central figures of the Russian art-scene for over thirty years. His symbolic role as a «first team player» ironically combines with his utter escapism and his reluctance to participate in public «star rituals» - posing for media or autographing. This became most apparent when at the moments of commercial successes (and sadly also the degradation in quality) of Russian contemporary art at the turn of 1980s and 1990s, or at the beginning of the new century, Alexeev moved abroad for many years, or declared suspension of his art activities. But after all the dust and silt have settled, he could always be found at the center of the art process.


Nikita Alexeev is well known for his paintings and performances as well as for his work in the literary genre. Literature is a separate and remarkable component of his art: almost every one of his projects include an author's comment – sometimes as an explication, sometimes as a part of an artwork. This recognizable manner of fusing an image and a literary description, refers to the phenomenon of literary diaries of Alexandre Pushkin or travel notes of Carl Linnaeus. An original graphic source freely flowing over «from words to deeds» or from letter to image, helps to create the atmosphere of fluctuating mood and different viewer interpretations.

Evgenia Kikodze

art critic, curator