Born in 1982 in Tomsk.


2014 — My Kremlin, a personal exhibition, Siberian branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts. 

My Kremlin is a dialog on the serious through the medium of the bynomeans-serious. About, for example, what the Homeland is, a thing that we love and hate simultaneously. The weaving of the canvas with its “idiotic” ornamentation of, at one and the same time, a warm winter sweater and a carpet, the latter being an unfailing symbol of Soviet luxury, and the endless Siberian forests and fields, as well as the equally endless Siberian cold and discomfort. The spectators also observe the process of the canvas’s creation. Thus, the artist becomes the creator of this space — she weaves Russia, or her own future, possibly even our own common future. (c) Theater in Tomsk


2012-2013 — “18+. Bed scenes”, a personal exhibition, Gridchinhall, Moscow Region 

Natasha Yudina depicted a bed and bedding in the form of landscapes. Judging by the responses from spectators, women saw nature in these pictures, while men noted an erotic subtext. “In her project, Yudina, on the one hand, mocks the recent introduction of age limits on the use of various forms of product, right down to children’s toys, while on the other hand she simply relishes the painting, creating semi-abstract pictures whilst, at the same time, maintaining that the bed “is always in view and, like Aivazovsky’s sea, is changeable...” (с) Artguide


2011 — Curator of the exhibition Artmuseum Project. A forum for contemporary art, Tomsk Region Arts Museum.

“To put on not just an exhibition of modern art, but to invite in artistsfrom the capital to a small city in the provinces was something of a gamble. The pink bed by Veronika Rudeva-Ryzantseva to this day is bashfully moved about in the museum’s foyer. Rostan Tavasiev’s “Begemotopis” touched impressionable young ladies, whilst men’s stiff upper lips quivered. A planned cutting back of plantings provided materials for a large-scale installation, “Electricity”, by Andrei Rudyev, and the ladies’ man Alexander Dashevsky captivated the entire exhibition department to such an extent that his painting with real estate was forgotten and left with the transport company right up until the opening.” (с) Natasha Yudina


2012, 2011 — participant in the international Nord Art modern art symposium (Büdelsdorf, Germany).

“Anya Zhelud proposed that I take part in the symposium. Then she phoned and asked what I would be painting. Then she asked whether she should take with her the porno works that I pained at hers in Arinino. I was amused by the thought of the porno works in Germany, and I painted another large porno work on conventional canvas during the international symposium in the small town of Büdelsdorf. (с) Natasha Yudina




2009 — “Toys”, a personal exhibition-action (Tomsk House of the Architect).


Joint exhibitions:

– “Institute of the Smile” A. Bartenev, exhibition of illustrators (Moscow, 2007)

– “Stock-taking“, within the framework of the “Young Art Session” project, curator Anya Zhelud (St. Petersburg, 2008)

– “Art-Moscow 2008”, an exhibition by graduates of the Institute of Modern Art

– The “Field of M’ars” project, within the framework of the 1st Biennial of Youth Art M’ars Modern Art Center, (Moscow, 2008)

– “Spotted Room”, within the framework of the Artmuseum Project, Tomsk Oblat Arts Museum, 2011

2008 — courses of I. M Bakshtein at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow)

2000-2003 — Tomsk State University, fine arts department