Konstantin Inal-Ipa

Konstantin Inal-Ipa

The abstractions of Konstantin Inal-Ipa are spontaneous, free, the sudden beauty and energy of the intuitive sensual movement lives in them. And then here is a mystery – the plane miraculously turns into painting. Everything is important, materials – canvas, paint, improvised material, pieces of burlap, watched cloth, old newsprint – come into play, and all together reflects the mood and the state of the author's habitat. He is not afraid to be misunderstood, refusing external and superficial aestheticism, but rather calls to comprehend the difficult "time of change" and find his own way of approaching harmony and beauty. Color in the works of the artist, like light, penetrates to the secret treasures of the soul inaccessible for others. As a result, the viewer, apart from his will, feels that he is understood and is no longer alone.


An important element of the artist's painting is a visual impression, therefore any emerging associations or recognizable forms are random, spontaneous, expressive gesture is a means of expressing inner feelings and experiences, an attempt to expand the boundaries of painting to the sense of the author's presence caused by this particular circumstance and place.


Most of the work is done in one breath, which point at the need of momentary self-expression.

«Why abstract art: I think it is exactly the form of painting that allows the author not to be distracted by the subject matter, like in music – the sound can not be seen or touched, but its spiritual power can not be overestimated. Pprobably therefore for me Art is an intangible category, like oxygen in the air. Just you can not live without it, a person is so settled, because even a Neanderthal painted on the walls of his caves.


I think that the emotional component in art should prevail, otherwise it turns into a craft, although this is also a good thing. In short, my opinion is this: «Art does not have to be clear from a rational point of view, but it has to carry the emotional burden.»