Oleg Khvostov was born in 1972 in Leningrad.


He received no specialized artistic education. Having served in the Russian Navy's northern fleet, he decided to enroll at the Arts Academy, but having completed the preparatory courses he decided not to pursue a higher education in the arts. Khvostov's first artistic works appeared in 1995. In 1997, the artist showed his works for the first time at the Borei Gallery and was invited to join the New Idiots art group. According to Khvostov, this gained him an entry to the leading exhibition spaces in St. Petersburg. In 1999, he held his first personal exhibition, “Self-portraits –200+1” at the Navicula Artis gallery. In 2000, Khvostov left the New Idiots group.


Khvostov took part in the Tirana Contemporary Art Biennial (Albania, 2001) and the First Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial (2005), and received a stipend from Marat Guelman's Foundation for the Support of Modern Art. In 2010, he worked on a personal exhibition titled “Absolute Painting” at the Gridchinhall residence, taking part in group projects in parallel. In 2014, Oleg Khvostov held a personal exhibition at Cultural Alliance – Marat Guelman Project at the Winzavod modern art center. The exhibition, with its title of “Lavandos”, which employed Russian wordplay humorously, presented lavender landscapes from Provence. The artist is now renting a studio at the Krasny Treugolnik (Red Triangle) art cluster in St. Petersburg, where he is painting and working productively with Gridchihall Gallery. Khvostov's works continue the tradition of the Russian avant-garde, first and foremost that of Kazimir Malevich. In his art one also sees a direct link with the early works of Pablo Picasso, the metaphysical landscapes of de Chirico, and the extreme geometrization of form seen in the works of Fernand Léger.


His use of a vivid, contrastive color palette and his deliberate simplicity imbue the artist's works with the decorative effect and irony of pop art. Painting is his medium. Khvostov uses themes from traditional painting genres – landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, multi-figured compositions – but also includes numerous “remakes” of world-famous works of art, from Leonardo to Jeff Koons. Nonetheless, his characteristic method of consciously simplifying form, freeing it from excess detail, and giving underscored roundness and cylindricity to shapes, in conjunction with his bold colors and large canvases, make his artistic manner original and easily identifiable.


Selected solo exhibitions

Cosmos Cows – Gridchinhall, Moscow Region, ART4 Museum, Moscow, 2015
LavAndos – Cultural Alliance Gallery (Marat Guelman Gallery, Vinzavod), Moscow, 2014
Lust – AL Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2013
Absolute Painting – Gridchinhall, Moscow Region, 2010
Landscape Instinct – National Centre for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg, 2010
Oleg Khvostov Painting – Asa-Art Gallery of Arts, St. Petersburg, 2007
I was born with love for art – Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2004
A Portrait: the making of – Mitky Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2004
3000 self-portraits – Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2003
The New Leniniana – Razliv Museum, St. Petersburg, 2001-2002
1000 Self-Portraits – Mitky Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2001
Leader's Memorial – Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2000
Full-length Painting – Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2000
Self-Portraits, 200+1 – Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, 1999


Selected group exhibitions

2015 – The New Blockheads, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2015 – Cosmic Landing, Norilsk Gallery of Art, Norilsk
2009 – StalinMuseum of the Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg
2009 – Khrushchev+ Brezhnev+..., Museum of the Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg
2009 – Lenin from A to Ya, Museum of the Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg
2007 – The Thaw, An exhibition dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Marat Guelman Gallery, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2006 – Presentation of Marat Guelman's Foundation for the Support of Modern Art, Artplay Modern Design Center, Moscow
2006 – Collage in Russia – the 20th Century, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2005 – Portrait of the face, M'ARS Modern Art Center (organizer – Marat Guelman Gallery), Moscow
2005 – Petersburgers, A non-commercial project of the Marat Guelman Gallery as part of the Art-Moscow Fair, Central House of the Artist, Moscow
2005 – 1st Moscow Contemporary Art Bienniale, Central House of the Artist, Moscow
2003 – Passport, A project of the Pro-Arte Institute together with St. Petersburg History Museum, exhibition hall of the Pro-Arte Institute, St. Petersburg
2002 – Давай! Davaj!, Postfuhramt, Berlin, Applied Art Museum, Vienna
2001 – Tirana Modern Art Bienniale, Tirana, Albania
2000 – New Petersburg Expressionism, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg