Anatoly Osmolovsky

Anatoly Osmolovsky

Anatoly Osmolovsky (born 1969, Moscow).

Artist, theorist, curator. 2007 winner of the Kandinsky Prize in the “Project of

the Year” category. 1995 grant recipient of the Berlin Senate at the Kunstlerhaus

Bethanien, 2010 publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazien “Baze”, 2012

founder and rector of the Baze Institute. Lives and works in Moscow.

1990–1992 leader of the E.T.I. Movement (Expropriation of Art Territories)

1992 editor-in-chief of the magazine Radek

1993–1994 organizer of the revolutionary competitive program “Netsezudik”

(participants: A. Brener, A. Osmolovsky, O. Mavromatti, D. Pimenov, A. Revizorov,

A. Zubarzhuk)

1998 organizer of the group “Non-Governmental Control Commission”,


of the election campaign “Vote Against All! Now”