Arc of a Jump, 2011
Arc of a Jump, 2011
Series: Monotypes
Canvas, Acrylic

39,37 x 70,08 in

100,0 x 178,0 cm

Price: $ 10 000

…Monotypes is a group of ten black and white paintings of the human figure handled in a  “realistic” manner.  However, Monotypes are hardly figure studies in the academic sense – studio poses meant to master the human form. Rather, these paintings were inspired by Mikhaylov’s chance encounter with black and white photographs: Thus his decision to use a monochromatic palette. But Mikhaylov was even more intrigued by the play of light and shadow on the figures’ surfaces. Here, I suspect, lies the origin of the “stained glass” technique – a eureka moment. By employing pools of light and dark on figures set against a pitch black background, Mikhaylov at once highlighted the body’s classical form and dematerialized it by fragmentary surface illumination making them “lifelike” but also mysterious, all the more so as the images themselves are unusual, evoking in the spectator an emotional response and narratives charged with erotic overtones (Catholic Girls, Altar Boy, No Name); cryptic action (Horse Latitudes, Love Me Two Times, Invitation to the Blues, Hold On, Was Alive); or athletic allusions (Arc of a Jump, No Name [Jack Knife Dive]. Dr. Michael P. Mezzatesta

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